Top 10 Cybersecurity Frameworks That Matter in 2023
What's Inside?

We explore the most important frameworks today and in the next year from a deeply technical, industry, and historical perspective. Frameworks are used to help prepare for compliance and other IT audits.

This guide gives you an overview of all the security frameworks most used today. We also explain how to choose a cybersecurity framework.

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Why do you need us to protect your digital assets?

The average cost of a cybersecurity breach in 2023 was $4.45 million, according to the IBM Cost of a Data Breach Report 2023. This is a 15% increase over the previous three years. If you're breached:


The business will be severely impacted.


Your reputation will be harmed.


You'll waste a lot of time, energy, and money fixing the breach.

Comprehensive Cybersecurity Management

From crisis control to proactive planning, we provide expert guidance for your toughest cybersecurity challenges.

How We Empower Your Cybersecurity Journey

1. Schedule a Consultation With One of Our Analysts
Let's start with a conversation to understand your unique digital landscape. We'll then conduct a comprehensive vulnerability review to uncover potential risks.
2. We Will Craft Your  Mitigation Plan
Our team of experts will analyze the identified vulnerabilities and risks, developing a tailored and robust mitigation plan to fortify your cybersecurity defenses.
3. Together We Will Implement the Plan
We'll put your customized security program into action. Enjoy automated protection and backed by our unwavering support and industry expertise.
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Experienced and Trusted

Our team has over 65 years of combined experience. We’re true experts who understand risk reduction priorities and technologies. We also provide you visibility with real-time cloud-based management.

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Why Framework Security?

We know you want to ensure your digital assets are protected from breaches.

The problem is, you don't have the expertise or resources within your organization to come up with the right plan to ensure you're both protected and compliant. This can be extremely intimidating and unsettling for organizations that are trying to be more forward-thinking and less reactionary.

We believe every business, no matter the size or industry, should be able to have a plan to protect themselves against the bad guys online. We understand how uncomfortable you might be trying to come up with that plan yourself when you don't know what it takes to be protected and compliant. That is why our team, who has more than 65+ combined years of cybersecurity experience and expertise, can come up with a plan for you instead.

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Reasons to Choose Us

Excellence in Service

We are committed to providing an exceptional experience for every client. When you work with us, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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Reasons to Choose Us

Technology & Vendor Agnostic

We recommend solutions that match your unique needs and environments. Our team selects and implements the best solutions for our clients.

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Our Reviews

"I was operating without delay very quickly and I am very satisfied with the work they completed."

Owner, Accounting Firm

"The results were exactly what we were looking for."

Sr. Manager IT Infrastructure, Biotechnology Company

"They are the perfect fit for our needs."


"I wish I had found Framework before speaking with any other companies.

President & CEO, Volo Solutions

"Framework Security then took the lead by working directly with the auditor."

Team Leader, Liebler Gonzalez & Portuondo

"They are very technical but also understand the competing priorities of the business."

Founder, Woodward Media
"It gave me peace of mind we are doing all the right things to secure our infrastructure."
Guido Garcia, Managing Partner, MSP4
"The results were exactly what we were looking for. We are going to use the next year for our assessment and pen test."
Sr. Manager IT Infrastructure, Biotechnology Company
"The team performs thorough testing and provide results that are easy to understand."
Mishelle Bookout, Security Lead, Sopheon
"I wish I had found Framework before speaking with any other companies."
Ben Londa, President & CEO, VOLO Solutions
"They saved our team a ton of time dealing with the auditors, so we were able to focus on the business."
Senior Partner, Liebler Gonzalez & Portuondo
"Framework Security establishes a seamless workflow. The team is attentive, communicative, and pragmatic."
Aaron Scruggs, CEO Rephyr

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