Case Studies


Framework Security's Role in Ideal Living's E-commerce Expansion

This case study demonstrates how Ideal Living, a wellness-tech company, bolstered its e-commerce expansion by leveraging Framework Security's comprehensive cybersecurity assessment and remediation services. Through strategic enhancements in cybersecurity, Ideal Living significantly improved customer trust and operational efficiency, positioning itself as a secure leader in the wellness industry.

Framework Security's Role in Jobandtalent's Strategic Expansion Introduction

This case study illustrates Framework Security's integral role in supporting Jobandtalent's rapid expansion through strategic acquisitions, highlighting the development of a comprehensive integration playbook that enhanced cybersecurity, operational efficiency, and market positioning. Through meticulous risk assessments and strategic guidance, Framework Security propelled Jobandtalent towards substantial ROI and sustainable growth in the global temp staffing market.

Framework Security’s Role in Strategic Growth and Post Acquisition Integration

This case study showcases how Framework Security played a crucial role in the strategic growth and seamless post-acquisition integration of a leading Ohio-based healthcare marketing company. Through comprehensive assessment services, Framework Security enabled the company to mitigate risks, enhance operational efficiency, and secure sensitive data, thereby reinforcing its market position and competitive advantage. The successful implementation of a tailored playbook for integrating newly acquired portfolio companies not only bolstered the company's service offerings but also drove significant ROI and sustainable long-term growth.

Certifying a SaaS Provider

Older security frameworks and standards do not address the technologies and methodology differences in the cloud. New standards are needed.

Architecting a Highly Secure Enterprise Multi-Cloud Infrastructure

With over 100,000 employees, this global food processor has plans to modernize its IT stack in its transition to the multi-cloud environment.

Instituting a Cybersecurity Program

A Managed Services Provider (MSP) had grown to servicing enterprise clients who had security and privacy compliance audits of their vendor. They needed a new policy that would improve incident response, security awareness, and end-point protection.

Building a SaaS Infrastructure

Ready to leap from software-based to a SaaS-based cloud offer, our financial portfolio management client needed a cost-effective solution to maintain data security.

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Regulatory Compliance Requirements
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Merger and Acquisition Due Diligence
If you’re planning an acquisition, new facility, or a significant expansion, we can help build enterprise security into your project.
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