Building a SaaS Infrastructure

Securely going to market with a SAAS application for Fortune 500 customers

A PPM provider wanted to move towards a SaaS model of delivery for software in a cost-effective and secure way. As expected, building the SaaS infrastructure for the client was a task with various complexities. These complexities were high costs associated with re-factoring and customers were concerned with the potential issues involving data leaving on-premises data centers.

Building a SaaS Infrastructure


The PPM software provider wanted a more flexible delivery model for their product, knowing that moving towards the cloud was important for the future. Re-factoring the entire software for the cloud was estimated at $2M+ and would take several years.


To support and continue to develop the alliance of cloud service providers by acknowledging the importance of compliance.


  • Virtualize the application and ensure all technologies used addressed audit and compliance concerns
  • Mapped out the technologies and requirements for a dramatically lower cost and faster implementation of a cloud-based product
  • Instead of re-factoring, Jerry developed and implemented a faster and cheaper way to deliver the app, eventually leading Europe and Asia to adopt the same model
  • Created enterprise-grade security posture that combined modern, best-of-breed security solutions with best practices to reassure prospects and customers of data security and compliance
  • Built out the team responsible for this SaaS transition of the product, paving the way for future products to have the cloud and security expertise needed


  • Our flexible and secure delivery model of the product led to easier and faster sales
  • With a cloud delivery model of the product, the PPM software firm accelerated sales and adoption of product in a manner that addressed customer security and availability concerns.
  • More effective product offering which lowered complexity and allowed for the faster adoption of the product
  • We built a highly secure SaaS infrastructure that can pass the muster of Fortune 500 CISOs