Instituting a Cybersecurity Program

Instituting a cybersecurity program for a leading MSP

A Managed Services Provider (MSP) had grown to servicing enterprise clients who had security and privacy compliance audits of their vendors, including Framework’s client, the MSP. They needed a new policy that would improve incident response, security awareness, and end-point protection. Framework tackled this problem by instituting a cybersecurity program in line with the latest technologies and tactical policies.

Instituting a Cybersecurity Program

Case Study: Elevating Cybersecurity for a Leading Managed Services Provider (MSP)


In an era where data is gold, and cybersecurity is the fortress that guards it, a rapidly expanding Managed Services Provider (MSP) found itself at a crossroads. With its escalating operational presence, the MSP became a significant player in the enterprise sector. However, this prominence was a double-edged sword. Along with the growth came mounting security and privacy demands from discerning enterprise-level clientele. With each new service provided, the weight of responsibility grew, mirrored by an influx of security audits and a dire necessity to supercharge their security infrastructures.

The Multifaceted Challenge:

Facing the enterprise world's unrelenting gaze, the MSP was entangled in a web of challenges. Customer audits, once a mere procedural formality, became exhaustive endeavors, demanding significant time and resources from an already stretched management team. The demand for quicker, more efficient responses to client needs was palpable. Internal aspirations of achieving unparalleled operational excellence demanded an infusion of state-of-the-art technology, creating an environment where innovation met security. Amidst these challenges was the paramount task of reshaping their incident response strategy, amplifying security awareness throughout the ranks, and fortifying end-point protection mechanisms against emerging threats.

The Silver Lining - A World of Opportunity:

Yet, for every challenge, the MSP envisioned a correlating opportunity. They dreamt of sculpting a cybersecurity framework so robust, it would stand as an industry benchmark. The idea of integrating a cloud-based GRC (Governance, Risk & Compliance) application emerged, promising an agile and streamlined approach to respond and manage intricate compliance requirements. The company saw itself evolving into a beacon for customers, a testament to what happens when an organization prioritizes security above all. They also recognized the value of their domain expertise, a treasure trove of knowledge that, when channeled correctly, could inform investment strategies to continually refine their security posture.

A Three-Pronged Approach:

Enter Framework. Our solution was not a mere intervention, but a revolution. Initiating with the tri-phased "Investigate" segment, we dove deep into the heart of the MSP's operations. Employing comprehensive questionnaires and a series of exploratory interviews, we meticulously cataloged their existing boundary defenses and vulnerability management instruments. The MSP's exhaustive archive of policies, procedures, and past audit reports became our bedrock for analysis. Deploying the CyberStrong platform, a powerful tool in our arsenal, we embarked on an evidence-based analysis journey, evaluating controls and benchmarking them against industry standards. A pivotal decision to leverage the CIS 20 foundation meant future adaptability was woven into the solution, ensuring seamless transitions to protocols like PCI/ISO/HIPPA when the need arose.

Tangible Transformation - The Outcomes:

The metamorphosis was palpable. Freed from the constant barrage of audit requests, the MSP's management rediscovered their core focus, driving business innovation. Framework's deep dive unearthed opportunities for immediate enhancements, each tailored to fit within the client’s budgetary confines. The end product was a holistic, agile, and future-ready cybersecurity program, crowned with a comprehensive InfoSec Policy and Procedure package.