June 28, 2024

Protecting Data & the Accountable Humans

Protecting Data & the Accountable Humans

Think about or hear the phrase "cybersecurity," and most of us think about Russian or foreign hackers using havoc within our organizational networks.  We imagine losing control of our essential functions, processes, and outputs.  Our brains, having more than 600,000 years of experience, begin to conger up horrible and life-threatening situations.  It is part of our normal survival reaction.

We now have new ideas, concepts, and phrases that send chills up and down our neuropathways: 

  • Data breaches
  • Cyberattacks
  • Hacking


You see where we are going.  We have all of the extraordinary opportunities and possibilities that come with having access to the internet and all of the new and evolving threats that 'bad actors' always develop to control and undermine our success. Einstein famously said, "We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them."

Consider the implications of that statement.  The same way that we solved problems using our creativity and innovation to create the global internet is insufficient to protect us from those who would use it for ill.  This means that we need to find ways of insulating and hardening our technology platforms and devices.

It also means that we must prepare ourselves and our staff for the inevitable eventualities that we will come under attack.  Covid began to ravage our world without concern for ethnicity, religious orientation, sexual preference, political affiliation, or ideology.  Covid has thrown us, all of us, into a storm of crises, chaos, and confusion.   Just as our technology is under attack, our brains and neurology have been assaulted.  We can't fix and protect one and leave the other uncared for.

At Framework Security, we have integrated the hardware (devices) and the software (humans) and how these new threats can be managed and mitigated.  We focus our energies on various hardware interventions that detect, resolve, and protect you from cyber threats.  Likewise, we work with humans to understand how stress, chaos, and change influences our well-being, decision-making, and effectiveness. 

Just as we identify real and potential cloud and network vulnerabilities, we train and coach the staff who use devices and services, to become more flexible and resilient as circumstances change.  We teach them the foundational tools necessary to minimize and mitigate their stress and pressure.  We focus upon best practices from NASA, Navy Seals, and Special Operations Forces to respond to potential attacks and breaches quickly and effectively without losing focus or becoming too agitated.

We believe every business should plan to protect itself against the bad guys online, no matter the size or industry. We understand how uncomfortable you might be trying to develop that plan yourself when you do not know what it takes to be protected and compliant. That is why our team, who has more than 65+ combined years of cybersecurity experience and expertise, can create a plan that will help you sleep at night.

At Framework Security, we design mitigations maximizing your existing systems' power and the people who use them.  We build full cybersecurity plans and provide ongoing guidance to eliminate vulnerabilities and to keep your company protected.  Everyone, no matter the size of the business, should be able to ensure they can protect their data and mental welfare from breaches and prevent them from happening in the first place.

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