June 9, 2024

Nation Faces Acute Shortage of Cybersecurity Workers

Nation Faces Acute Shortage of Cybersecurity Workers

Recent reports highlight a critical shortage of cybersecurity professionals, with only enough workers to fill 85 percent of the current demand. This gap translates to an estimated need for 225,000 additional cybersecurity experts to secure digital privacy and infrastructure. Despite increased education and training programs, the cybersecurity field remains less affected by hiring slowdowns compared to the broader tech sector.

Framework Security's vCISO Program: Bridging the Gap

Amid this talent shortage, Framework Security is at the forefront of addressing these challenges through its award-winning vCISO program, led by Jerry Sanchez, the Cybersecurity Excellence Awards' 'CISO of the Year'. Our vCISO program, which has earned back-to-back Cybersecurity Excellence Gold awards for vCISO Program of the Year, CISO of the Year, and Cybersecurity Team of the Year, offers a comprehensive solution for organizations grappling with cybersecurity workforce deficits.

Framework Security’s vCISO program offers several additional key value propositions. It ensures continuity in overseeing cybersecurity programs, providing stability and consistent leadership. The added expertise from working in various environments enriches the strategic approach to cybersecurity, offering tailored solutions that are both innovative and effective. Additionally, our vCISO services provide affordable expertise, allowing organizations to benefit from top-tier cybersecurity leadership without the cost of a full-time executive. Simplification is another major benefit; our team handles the complexities of cybersecurity, allowing businesses to focus on their core operations.

Framework Security's commitment to excellence and innovation is helping to close the cybersecurity talent gap, providing vital support to organizations nationwide. As we continue to lead with our award-winning services, we remain dedicated to safeguarding digital assets and enhancing cybersecurity resilience.

For more information about our vCISO program and how it can benefit your organization, visit our website.

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