June 28, 2024

Tara Anderson New Managing Partner at Framework Security

Tara Anderson New Managing Partner at Framework Security


SALT LAKE CITY – Tara Anderson joins Jerry Sanchez and Larry Liberty, PhD, as Co-Managing Partner of Framework Security, one of the Top 3 Cybersecurity Consultancies in Los Angeles and amongst the Top 50 Globally, as deemed by Clutch Research, growing their presence into Salt Lake City.

Mrs. Anderson can be recognized from her appearances on KSL Radio, KSL News, KUTV Fresh Living, Park City Television, IBMTV World Edition,  CyberTalk with Rex M. Lee, including numerous panels and podcasts discussing cybersecurity, cybercrime, and cyber warfare.

She is a member of Tortora Brayda Institute Excellence AI & Cybersecurity Task Force, sits on the Cyber Resilience and Data Ethics Expert Council, belongs to the Women Tech Council, and serves on the Salt Lake City Chamber of Commerce Cybersecurity Committee. She will be co-chairing the SLC Chamber of Commerce Cybersecurity Conference later this year.

Anderson is combining her passion for public speaking, risk mitigation, bringing more women into Technology/STEM, and cybersecurity awareness with the technical talent of long tenured cybersecurity expert, Mr. Jerry Sanchez, and organizational leadership advisor, Larry Liberty, Ph.D.

One of the ‘Top 50 Global Cybersecurity Leaders’ (The Consulting Report) Mr. Sanchez was the Head of Cybersecurity at SoftServe prior to founding Framework Security, and most recently served as the Chief Information Officer at Planview. He was also Director of Technology services at Charles Schwab; in addition to filling senior network engineering roles at Verio and Electronic Arts. A repeat winner of the Charles Schwab Excellence in Service award, Sanchez brings over 25 years of cybersecurity and cloud computing experience to the industry, and additionally provides pro-bono consulting and volunteer services to groups focused on environmental and educational causes.

Dr. Liberty serves as Framework Security’s Head of Organizational Effectiveness. He completed a Master’s Degree in Organizational Leadership and later a Ph.D. in pursuit of understanding how individuals and organizations can best work together to produce great results. He then worked as project manager for the NASA space station researching how to create “high performance teams in space.” Larry has trained, facilitated, and consulted with employee groups including more than 100,000 managers and staff.

Combined, all three leaders will be a force multiplier in mitigating, monitoring, and rapidly responding to emerging threats and vulnerabilities their clients are faced with.

“We are beyond excited to welcome Tara Anderson as a partner of the firm. Her cybersecurity expertise in the industry is well known and there is no question she will generate immediate value for our clients”, Jerry Sanchez.

“I’m full of gratitude that this highly ranked team found me and made a place for me on their team. I deeply enjoy mitigating risk for organizations and am able to lean into my passions by joining forces with such capable cybersecurity professionals,” Tara Anderson.


Framework Security is a cybersecurity consulting firm with offices in Los Angeles; Austin, Texas; Stockholm, Sweden and now; Salt Lake City, Utah. Founded in 2019, they are an experienced team of 6 advisors specializing in identifying cyber vulnerabilities, eliminating critical threats, and implementing security programs. They work with a range of small, mid-size and large businesses in finance, the arts and healthcare.

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